We currently receive 1000s of QSL cards each year via the bureau. This places a lot of pressure on yours’ and the Australian bureaus, and when they arrive here at NCRG, we then need to manage these cards, check them against logs and store them. We have a lot of cards now! Processing cards sent via the bureau to be able to send out a reply QSL often takes 1-2 years to occur. As a result of this, we no longer respond to cards sent via the bureau or posted direct. We do use eQSL and LoTW, as well as ClubLog.

If you would like a paper card, please use the OQRS links below and we will have a card off to you within a week or two via Global QSL, sent direct to your bureau. These cards are generally in your local bureau within 3 to 6 months from your request to us. If you have sent us a card via the bureau and still waiting for a card from us, please feel free to use OQRS anyway, and we will send you a card.

Using ClubLog and their OQRS system, reduces costs for you, is free for cards sent via the bureau, and is much easier for us to stay on top of. Requests submitted this way have already been verified by ClubLog, and it takes us about an hour a month to process those requests, and you get a card back lightning fast!

If you want a card even quicker, we are happy to send you a card direct as long as it is via ClubLog OQRS (which includes a payment).

Club log links for OQRS (Bureau and Direct) are below

(Updated 08 Jan 2021 by vk6ya)