Course Dates

Dates for upcoming courses

Interest for these courses can be made on the bookings page.

Foundation course
Planned for the 3rd weekend of each month beginning in February through November at the clubrooms and starts at 9:00am, if no candidates register by the first weekend of that month course will be cancelled.

Advanced/Standard Course 1st half of year 
20th February 2021 at Clubrooms starting at 7:00pm (Cancelled)
Course length may vary to the end of May/June.

Advanced/Standard Course 2nd half of year
21st July 2021 at Clubrooms starting at 7:00pm (Cancelled)
Course length may vary towards the end of November/early December.

Exams for all courses  are on 4th Saturday of each month starting in February 2021.

All bookings for assessment MUST be made no less than three weeks in advance.

Further courses to be announced.

If there are any courses you would like to see other than those listed above (CW, Safety in the shack, Mast climbing (Rigger course), etc.) then contact Phil by email