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Hamfest 2018 Raffle Results LS211907918

Results of Perth Hamfest Raffle 2018

Drawn 26th August 2018 at
Hamfest – Bassendean Recreation Hall
Permit: WA LS211907918  SJ Bedford.

1St Prize: Flex 6400 HF Tranceiver
Ticket 0888 Ken Thompson VK6AKT

2nd Prize: Icom ID51 Handheld Transceiver
Ticket 0039 Robert McAteer VK6FRDM

3rd Prize: High End Keysight Multimeter
Ticket 0005 Brian Mitchell VK6MIT

4th Prize: GP-98 TriBand Antenna (2/70/23cm)
Ticket 0801 David Robson VK6YY

5th Prize: $100 voucher for TET Emtron
Ticket 0760 Carl Christensen VK6FQRP

Extra Prize: Altronics Screwdriver Set
Ticket 0158 Warren Walker VK6HM


Congratulations to all winners. Thankyou for your entry into the raffle and hope you all enjoy your prize.


DE Northern Corridor Radio Group.


Hamfest 2018 Sunday 26th August

Friday 24th August  at 6-30pm, a meet and greet BBQ at the NCRG clubhouse in Whiteman Park for all who would like to join in and have a play on the clubs radios etc

Saturday 25th August 2018, Lectures and presentations at the NCRG Clubhouse 0800-1700

Sunday 26th August 2018 , Hamfest at Cyril Jackson Rec Centre Ashfield from 9-00 am onwards for Buyers, sellers from 7-30 am.

The raffle prize this year to be finalises

There will be many other prizes as well, and hopefully this years Homebrew competition will be even bigger.

More details will follow soon.

Results of Hamfest 2017 raffle

Hi all,

Well done to those that won prizes in the NCRG annual raffle, here are the results of the raffle drawn on 1st October 2017 at the event.

1st Place: Ticket 0238 – Wayne VK6EH won the Flex 6400 Transceiver donated by Future Systems.

Latest model Flex 6400 transceiver.

2nd Place: Ticket 0390 – Paul Howells VK6LOT – DX engineeering voucher donated by DX Engineering.3rd Place: Ticket 0307 – David VK6YY – GP3 antenna donated by Future Systems.

4th Place: Ticket 0330 – Chris Pfeil VK6LOL – Tet Emtron prize pack donated by Tet Emtron.

5th Place: Ticket 0346 – Larry VK6NOL – Tape measure donated by Alek VK6APK.

6th Place: Ticket 0146 – Jesse Meyers VK6FJJM – Tradflame Blowtorch donated by Railway Signaling and Electrical.

7th Place: Ticket 076 – Nick Vitalowe VK6NA – 6220 Multimeter from Altronics

8th Place: Ticket 014 – Norm Gomm VK6GOM – Altronics Soldering Iron


Congratulations to you all.

Thanks to our sponsors,  Future Systems, Railway Signaling and Electrical, Alek VK6APK, Altronics, Tet Emtron and DX Engineering.

NCRG Exam Service

Later this year the club will be carrying out exams and training sessions at the NCRG premises, a new training room has been built !

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

Phil van Leen – LF-093
Email :

Please get in touch with Phil for the latest news.

Fixing the 40m beam the safe way

Well, if you need to fix that 3 element 40m yagi antenna on the tower with some VSWR issues – what to do?

Simple, just unbolt and bring it down to ground level for adjustment and repair, then put it back in the sky again. (Just use a crane that’s tall enough to reach the antenna).

Thanks to some very good NCRG supporters, including Future Systems, this is how we get to fix the best Ham antennas in WA.

Also you need some keen members to assist. It’s only thanks to that sort of dedication in a club that this stuff happens.



Watch the video, click here.





NCRG JOTA activity from the club in October

Watch out, there will be a number of Scouts participating in JOTA from the club station in October.


Get in contact if you would like to assist us or if you are a DX station that wants to organise some scheds and reliable HF contacts on that weekend. We would like to hear from you to pre-plan some on-air activities.

NCRG Car boot sale again in November 2016.

Hi everyone,

The NCRG will have another car boot sale for pre-loved equipment, antennas and other radio hobby bits and pieces on the second weekend in November.

So on Sunday, November 13th 2016, head for the NCRG clubrooms, get there at 9am for sellers or 10am for buyers and look or sell bargains.

Sellers $5 for a bay and for buyers it’s FREE.

There will be refreshments available and you can look around and perhaps pick up an Amateur Radio bargain.

b c d

See you there.



New radios always get tried out at the club.

Here’s a few quick snapshots of some new radios that have recently been tested from the club shack. With a good location and antenna, radios do perform at their best.

The NCRG welcomes new members who want to get on air or perhaps have just gained a license and would like to see what is possible on the HF airwaves, whether to use the club station, try out their recent purchase of old or new gear or even just discuss operating techniques.