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NCRG Raffle 2020 Winners

Raffle Winners

1st PRIZE WINNER (Icom IC9700)
Bob Good (VK6ZGN)   WA
Ticket Number: #204Contact Confirmed

2nd PRIZE WINNER (Comet Antenna VSWR)
Glenn McNeil   QLD
Ticket Number: #1991Contact Confirmed

3rd PRIZE WINNER (GP15 Tri band Antenna)
Gerard Gallagher NSW
Ticket Number: #1663     Contact Confirmed  

Below kept on site for reference.

Northern Corridor Radio Group in Perth normally holds a raffle along with its annual event “Hamfest”. Unfortunately, this year we have had to cancel the event due to uncertainty over COVID19 restrictions and concerns. As the raffle is one of the more popular components of Hamfest, we have decided to expand the raffle in both prizes and geography, opening the raffle to anyone Australia wide.

Prizes are.

  1. First prize is an ICOM IC-9700 2/70/23 Transceiver worth $2404.50
  2. Second prize is a COMET CAA-500 Mark II Antenna Analyser worth $739
  3. Third prize is a Comet GP 15 52/146/446 Tri band Antenna worth $299

Key dates are.

  1. Raffle Start date 12/11/2020
  2. Raffle Close date 9/12/2020
  3. Raffle Draw date 10/12/2020

Where required (WA and ACT), permits have been sourced and tabled below.

  1. WA permit Number LS215316520
  2. ACT permit number R 20/00169

Winners will be notified by phone and email.

Winners will be notified by phone and email. Also posted on Our webpage (

Prize includes standard shipping from Perth.
The raffle tickets are purchased only online for $5 each and there are 2000 tickets available. (No cash sales are excepted) 

Draw will be online at the NCRG Club rooms (Whiteman Park,Perth)  on 10/12/2020 @12pm AWST

To Purchase tickets Visit


NCRG Committee 2020

Hamfest 2020 Update

Due to COVID19 restrictions and other issues it was decided that HAMFEST for 2020 be cancelled this year.

That been said the NCRG will be conducting the raffle of some desirable items, details of which will be released soon ticket sales will be announced here and on the usual amateur radio sites  and on Newswest.

Please check back here for Raffle details once we have secured all permits and have the website details.


The NCRG are proud to announce Hamfest 2020

It will be held on Sunday 15th November 2020 , at Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre Ashfield from 9-00 am onwards for Buyers, sellers admitted from 7-30 am.

Please visit the NCRG website often for the latest information.

NCRG Raffle Information Please note there will be no advanced sales

  • First Prize         check often to find out what the prizes will be
  • Second Prize
  • Third Prize

Pease get homebrewing as we hope the homebrew contest will be better than ever, we will have 3 sections to the contest. These will be a  Kids Section, a Rookie Section (for those licenced for  less than 3 years) and an Advanced Builders Section.  Prizes will be awarded to each section.

To book tables please contact Richard Beck VK6BEC

  • email at
  • Mobile on  0431 619 604

NCRG Carboot sale 2019

The NCRG Carboot sale will be on Sunday 17 November 2019

At the NCRG Clubrooms from 9am for sellers and 10am for buyers as per usual.

The charge will be $5 for sellers and buyers will be free.

There will be refreshments available and barbecued sausages to purchase on the day.

As we are expecting the day to be hot please bring a hat and if you are a seller maybe some form of shade.

Hamfest 2019 Prizes

Raffle Prizes

  • First Prize of a IC7300 went to Mr Randall B Wayth, VK6WR.
  • Second Prize of a IC2300H went to Stuart Brown, VK6BG.
  • Third Prize of a $100 gift voucher from Tet-Emton went to Graeme Hill, VK6HIL.
  • Two $50 Gift Vouchers from Altronics went to Graham Rogers VK6RO ,  and Graeme Down VK6LV .


Home Brew Contest

  • First Prize of a Hytera Handheld went to Noel Fagence VK6FNAJ.
  • Second Prize of $150 Gift Vouchers from dx radio systems / Future Systems went to Mr Randall B Wayth, VK6WR.

There were no Kids entries this year, please get your children building something for Hamfest 2020 please.