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Hamfest 2018 Sunday 26th August

Friday 24th August  at 6-30pm, a meet and greet BBQ at the NCRG clubhouse in Whiteman Park for all who would like to join in and have a play on the clubs radios etc

Saturday 25th August 2018, Lectures and presentations at the NCRG Clubhouse 0800-1700

Sunday 26th August 2018 , Hamfest at Cyril Jackson Rec Centre Ashfield from 9-00 am onwards for Buyers, sellers from 7-30 am.

The raffle prize this year to be finalises

There will be many other prizes as well, and hopefully this years Homebrew competition will be even bigger.

More details will follow soon.

NCRG Exam Service

Later this year the club will be carrying out exams and training sessions at the NCRG premises, a new training room has been built !

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

Phil van Leen – LF-093
Email :

Please get in touch with Phil for the latest news.

Car boot sale Update

Well today wasn’t quite the success hoped for with a shortage of car boots turning up. There where, however, many bargains still to be had !

It was a lovely day weather wise and those who visited left with their grubby hands full of bargains ( or rubbish depending on your point of view)

I spent the day BBQ’ing sausages and onions so never spent a cent 🙁

Thanks to all that attended and if you have a preference for a saturday or sunday event next November please let us know well in advance.

It was good to catch up with old friends and see that their projects are just as bogged down as mine  🙂


Keith VK6RK


Oceania SSB DX contest.

Last weekend saw the SSB leg of the Oceania DX contest take place.

The weather was atrocious but indoors it didn’t matter :).

There was a good effort from members and also two guest operators Steve VK6SJ, a former member come back to the fold and Mats SM6LRR/ RM2D who was visiting Perth for the weekend and sat in for a while.

I’m not sure of the final score as I write this but it looks as though we may not have won again this year as there is at least one other score we know of who may have pipped us in our section.

Oh well there is always next year, You cant win EVERY time 🙂

C U in the next one !

Hamfest post mortem !

Thanks to all who attended the event , especially our traders and sponsors.

Without your help it cant happen !

It seems we had approx 325 people through the doors and all who attended reckoned it was better than last year overall.

Next years event will be scheduled for the 2nd Sunday in August, rather than the first as it seems to clash with several other events including The Avon Valley Descent and events over east.

Thank you all once again and now I have my access to the webpage back, I’ll publish a list of raffle winners etc.


Keith VK6RK

Contest at the NCRG Corral !

For those of you not familiar with the NCRG’s main aims it has always been to set the club stations up to be the top contest station in Western Australia, if not Australia as a whole.

It’s not an easy task given the small membership we have, so to improve things we are always open to visitors from Interstate or around the world to use our facilities.

Just last weekend Bernd VK2IA / VK6AA, who is a club member, used the clubs main station to participate in the Russian DX Contest, initially it was going to be an all band attempt but ended up being 10 mtrs CW only.

He flew in from his home in Sydney, did the contest and flew back !

Thats dedication for you !

Coming up ( March 29/ 30  2014 ) is the CQ WPX Contest and the club will once again be defending its winning streak in Oceania.

By setting the station up as a top contest station it gives all members a chance to work the best DX between contests as well.

Just come on down and use the facilities.

We just ask that you use the one of the clubs callsigns ( VK6ANC for general use ) VK6NC in contests, or VK6NE in the Oceania DX  Contest, rather than your own call, except when chasing that rare Dx for your own DXCC !!

If you would like to join in and help us continue our winning ways then  please come along and discuss your ideas/ targets.



An Update

Due to pressure of work, family etc our Webmaster has been restricted in his ability to update the club web pages.

As I don’t have any time on my hands either, I have offered to try and keep things up to date, so please visit often, but be patient 🙂

Any contributions to the site can be made through the main contact email and will be filtered through to me eventually 😉

All contributions to the VK6 Notes in ” Amateur Radio” Magazine should  go through the address on the WIA magazine page.

Hopefully we can get the club web page active again.

I hope to soon publish information regarding the clubs activities assisting the FT5ZM Dxpedition to Amsterdam Island.