Hamfest 2020 Update

Due to COVID19 restrictions and other issues it was decided that HAMFEST for 2020 be cancelled this year.

That been said the NCRG will be conducting the raffle of some desirable items, details of which will be released soon ticket sales will be announced here and on the usual amateur radio sites  and on Newswest.

Please check back here for Raffle details once we have secured all permits and have the website details.


The NCRG are proud to announce Hamfest 2020

It will be held on Sunday 15th November 2020 , at Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre Ashfield from 9-00 am onwards for Buyers, sellers admitted from 7-30 am.

Please visit the NCRG website often for the latest information.

NCRG Raffle Information Please note there will be no advanced sales

  • First Prize         check often to find out what the prizes will be
  • Second Prize
  • Third Prize

Pease get homebrewing as we hope the homebrew contest will be better than ever, we will have 3 sections to the contest. These will be a  Kids Section, a Rookie Section (for those licenced for  less than 3 years) and an Advanced Builders Section.  Prizes will be awarded to each section.

To book tables please contact Richard Beck VK6BEC

  • email at richard.beck8@gmail.com
  • Mobile on  0431 619 604