Results of Hamfest 2017 raffle

Hi all,

Well done to those that won prizes in the NCRG annual raffle, here are the results of the raffle drawn on 1st October 2017 at the event.

1st Place: Ticket 0238 – Wayne VK6EH won the Flex 6400 Transceiver donated by Future Systems.

Latest model Flex 6400 transceiver.

2nd Place: Ticket 0390 – Paul Howells VK6LOT – DX engineeering voucher donated by DX Engineering.3rd Place: Ticket 0307 – David VK6YY – GP3 antenna donated by Future Systems.

4th Place: Ticket 0330 – Chris Pfeil VK6LOL – Tet Emtron prize pack donated by Tet Emtron.

5th Place: Ticket 0346 – Larry VK6NOL – Tape measure donated by Alek VK6APK.

6th Place: Ticket 0146 – Jesse Meyers VK6FJJM – Tradflame Blowtorch donated by Railway Signaling and Electrical.

7th Place: Ticket 076 – Nick Vitalowe VK6NA – 6220 Multimeter from Altronics

8th Place: Ticket 014 – Norm Gomm VK6GOM – Altronics Soldering Iron


Congratulations to you all.

Thanks to our sponsors,  Future Systems, Railway Signaling and Electrical, Alek VK6APK, Altronics, Tet Emtron and DX Engineering.